We know you're a superhero...

but we all need a Robin to our Batman.

Here at DaniLee's Helping Hands, we understand! Nowadays, parents are juggling their demanding jobs, while trying to keep their children engaged in a peaceful and stress-free environment.

Every Family is Different!

We offer a variety of childcare services to best fit your family's needs.

Why Can You Rely On Us?

Dedicated to Health & Safety

Our team and facility are committed to providing a safe environment to protect your loved ones

Unmatched Flexibility

Whether at our center or your home, our team offers a variety of services to fit your needs and schedule

One-on-One Care & Assistance

Our passionate and well-trained team provides exceptional child care and educational assistance

Kind Words

"When our boys first started Pelham schools, we wanted to find childcare that we could trust, where our boys would be loved, and would be the "next best thing" to us being able to be with them during and after school. To say we found this with DaniLee's Helping Hands is an understatement. What we ended up finding was an extended FAMILY. Danielle, Alyssa, and the amazing staff at DaniLee's Helping Hands treat my two boys as if they are their own children. They show my sons genuine love and care every single day. They make sure that my children are putting their best selves forward by being kind and respectful to others, good friends, and engaged, hard working students. If there is an issue, Danielle, Alyssa and the team deal with it with love and structure, and my children respond to it as if it were myself or my husband. Danielle and Alyssa have been a constant in the boys' lives for five years, trusted adults with their best interests at heart, and a shining light in our Family's life. We are incredibly thankful, grateful, and appreciative to have found them in Pelham and for their dedication, loving care and commitment to our children and our family. I don't know what we would do without them!"

Jessica Waters PMHS Teacher

"These girls helped me with my girls after school and driving. They were caring, safe and most of all fun!! They are truly amazing young women. Highly recommend them."

Pelham Parent

"You will not find any other childcare service like DaniLee's Helping Hands, Inc. They are the most caring and loving girls. They truly love every single child they take care of and treat them like family. These girls are so helpful in every aspect and relieve so much stress of working parents."

Pelham Parent

"These ladies and their team are not only incredibly reliable, trustworthy, and organized, but they are loving, kind, and truly care about the children in their care."

Pelham Parent