Covid-19 Safety

As part of our product line we have teamed up with two companies that have brought innovative pathogen control technology to the public and private sector.

Filtration System

  • We have enhanced our ventilation system with MERV-13 filters, which catches 90% of particles in the 3-10 µm range, this range includes COVID-19.
  • We also have a second product called the "Sterionizer" which is a patented, environmentally friendly device, that disinfects the air through bipolar ionization, proven 99% effective in neutralizing COVID-19.

Cleaning Products

  • All of our cleaning and disinfectant products are plant based. They are certified organic and certified Non-GMO, US-EPA, and USA-FDA (all ingredients FDA approved). The products we use have an ingredient from a plant extracted process that has been proven to be highly effective against common and uncommon pathogens after nearly 20 years of research. Some pathogens these products are effective against include, but are not limited to: H1N1, MRSA, and most recently COVID-19.